24 Cats Asleep in a State of Bliss in the Most Interesting Places

If there is one thing that most feline lovers will agree on is that cats love to sleep. On average, an adult cat can sleep for up to 15 hours a day and they will sleep just about anywhere.

Because of their body structure, they can literally roll themselves into a ball and hide in anything. These photos offer a glimpse into some of the crazy places cats will burrow themselves into in order catch some rest and relaxation.

1) Sleeping on the job.


2) Napping like a boss.


3) That is the cutest wine glass I’ve ever seen.


4) Feline Friends Forever.


5) Cat in a box.


6) Sleeping in the gutter.


7) The real Puss in Boots.


8) I think he had too much catnip.


9) When one bed just won’t do.


10) I sure hope that faucet doesn’t drip.


11) Just stretching out for the next round of sleeping.


12) This cat is bringing planking back.


13) This kitty likes to wear a “Lab coat” to bed.


14) He is down for the count.


15) Cats do have spines right?


16) Kitty warming her feet by the fire.


17) Cuteness. Overload.


18) Just hanging around.


19) Just hanging around, part deux.


20) “Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, …”


21) That blanket looks super comfy. This cat knows how to pick ’em.


22) He must have needed some airtime.


23) When the milk bowl is empty, we sleep in it.


24) Feeling warm and toasty.

Cats definitely will sleep anywhere they can but they’re super adorable doing so. Please share these adorable sleeping cats with your friends and family.

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