Judge Judy Tells Her to Put the Dog Down and Let Him Loose. When She Does, THIS Happens!

Judge Judy Solves Stolen Dog Case in Seconds in Emotional Moment.

Judge Judy makes a lot of tough decisions on her highly successful reality court show; however, in this court case, it was one of the easiest decisions she ever had to make. In an emotional episode where the Plaintiff, a dog owner has to fight to get his dog back, Judge Judy finds who was guilty by simply asking the Defendant to let her dog loose in the courtroom.

The dog owner originally lost the dog but later finds that his pooch has been captured and sold. The woman legally bought the dog from a seller on the street for $50; however, based on the dog’s reaction, it was easily his dog.

Watch Judge Judy order to let the dog loose in court to find its real owner…


Just like this woman that got her parking ticket dismissed, it was a court case that was judged with common sense. It’s also an emotional moment when the owner reunites with his lost dog. Please share this emotional episode of Judge Judy and the stolen dog with your friends and family.

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