A Dog Was Spotted near a Rest Stop and What Rescuers Did next Warmed My Heart

Friendly Homeless Dog Gets Rescued After Being Spotted.

Homeless dogs tend to hang around in parking lots. They do so because they know people walking to and from their cars might throw them some food. The same thing happened to this dog that was abandoned for 13 years and he grew to be obese until he was rescued.

A beautiful dog named Maya was also living around a rest stop until Howl of a Dog, a non-profit organization, noticed the dog. Staff members were returning from delivering a rescued dog to his forever family and decided to make a stop.

Watch this friendly homeless dog getting rescued on the side of a busy road by Howl of a Dog…


If you believe in destiny, I think they needed to drive there to help this poor dog that was waiting to be saved. He is now saved and waiting for a family to adopt him and give him the love he deserves.

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