You Won’t Believe How Much Work Goes into Each of These Beautiful Candles

Decorative Holland House Candles Are Masterfully Created and You'll Be Amazed


If you’ve had a hard day at work or simply want to set a tranquil mood, bringing the lights down and lighting some candles has a calming effect. While most of us buy candles at our favorite stores, it sometimes might not cross your mind how much work goes into making decorative handmade candles.

Holland House, a candle shop in Holland, Michigan, creates handmade candles that are incredibly beautiful to look at whether they are lit or not. ‘How It’s Made’, a series on the Discovery Channel, showcases how these candles are made from start to finish. It’s amazing how much work goes into making each handmade decorative candle.

Watch how Holland House candles are made…


If you want to order your own handmade decorative Holland House candles, there is a large variety on their website. Please share these beautiful handmade Holland House candles with your friends and family.

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