35 Dogs and Cats That Just Realized They Were Tricked into Going to the Vet

When you ask a pet if they want to go for a car ride, most of them will jump at the chance and they’ll probably be there before you. While a trip to the pet store is like going to Disneyworld for most pets, going to the vet is not.

The following 35 pets probably thought they were going to spend a fun day at PetSmart, but at some point, they realized the road is leading to the vet and their reaction is adorable.

1) “I’m on to your evil plan, human.”

2) “Don’t you love me anymore?”

3) “Just TRY to take me out of this sink.”

4) “Remember that scene when E.T. was in the closet? Try to blend in and they won’t spot us!”

5) “I thought we were best buds?”

"I thought we were best buds?"

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6) “I think the cat you’re looking for ran the other way.”

7) “This escaping trick looked easier on YouTube.”

8) “$#@*!!, they spotted me.”

9) “I feel so cold.”

10) “I thought we were a happy family!”

11) “Please, hold me tighter!”

12) “Could you at least sign my cast?”

13) “One minute I’m sleeping comfortably and the next minute, they’re probing me.”

14) “Does this hurt?”

15) “Here’s a funny story…”

16) “I need a hug now. Tell me that it will all be OK.”

17) “It’s a trap!”

18) “How come we’re using a different route to go to the pet store?”

19) “I hope you liked that new dress shirt you bought last week.”

20) “I can’t even bear to look at you!”

21) “I promise I won’t make you angry again if we go home right now!”

22) “Uh, where are you taking me?”

23) “But, I’m so cute!”

24) “Oh no, maybe trying to escape from this cage was a bad idea.”

25) “I’m not mad at you…just disappointed.”

26) “I’m not the cat you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.”

27) “They’ll never find me here!”

28) “I feel so bloated! I used to fit in here without a problem.”

29) “Green kinda looks good on me, don’t you think?”

30) “Who ratted me out?”

31) “OMG, the car stopped. The car is stopped in front of the vet!!”

32) “I can’t look at you the same way anymore. I’m sorry.”

33) “This is my new home now. Go away.”

34) “I hope you’re happy now…”

35) “It ain’t easy being me.”

H/t: LifeBuzz

I know a few adults who act the same way when going to the dentist so I know exactly how these pets feel. Please share these cute animals going to the vet with your friends and family.

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