Baby Dog Whisperer Talks to Shorkie Puppy

Baby Dog Whisperer Talks to Shorkie Puppy.

Yorkshire Terriers are bold and fearless while Shih Tzu dog breeds are full of grace and sweetness. What happens when you combine these two dog breeds? Shorkie puppies of course! Shorkie dog breeds are small dogs but they surely think they’re bigger than they are! They are a loving, loyal, and dedicated family dog that will do everything to protect their family and will bark if he feels someone threatening the people he/she loves.

The puppy in the following video is named Wicket and he just found a new friend. Baby Sophie stumbled onto the Shorkie puppy and they immediately bonded. In fact, Baby Sophie might the smallest dog whisperer ever because it almost seems like these two sweeties are having a conversation!

Watch this Shorkie puppy talking to a baby…


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