When This St. Bernard Shows His Owner Some Lovin’, He Means It!

When Sully St. Bernard wants some hugs and kisses, he knows how to get them and uses his size to his advantage! The adorably huge dog throws himself on his owner, pins him down, and starts the affection train. It’s so heartwarming that you’ll laugh.

Sully the St. Bernard Gives His Owner so Much Love That He Can't Move!

When his dad gets home from work, he always likes to give him a huge hug because he missed him so much! It’s adorable to watch how happy he is and I bet he could lay there the entire day but I’m not how dad would take it because Sully isn’t exactly tiny!

Watch Sully St. Bernard give a huge hug to his daddy…


Sully loves to cuddle and he is taking this opportunity to get in some cuddle time before his favorite human has to go back to work. I love how he couldn’t stop giggling when Sully would give him wet kisses and it was so adorable. The most important people in a dog’s life are its owners and you can tell that these two have one of the most heartwarming relationships I have ever seen.

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