An Elephant Saw Her Caretaker Drowning in a River. What She Did Next Will Warm Your Heart.

Elephant Rescues Her Caretaker Drowning in a River.

Elephants have long been known to share similar traits with humans such as empathy, grief, and several other traits. Even when meeting new elephants, many will intertwine their trunks to say ‘hello’ just like humans who would shake hands. They also sense danger and will do everything to save other animals in distress and elephants have been seen saving humans.

At the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, an elephant named Kham Lha sees her caretaker Darrick drowning in the river. Darrick is only pretending to be in trouble but you can see the immediate reaction of Kham Lha and her efforts to save him.

Watch an elephant coming to the rescue of her caretaker…


These gentle giants have a heart of gold. Watching them go out of their way to save a human is incredibly heartwarming.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “Elephant Come To Rescue People” by elephantnews:

  1. “Just shows that elephants are better than the average person.” – MsRainbow Brite
  2. “1.5 k alligators disliked this.” – Algerian Warrior
  3. “Something tells me he and the elephant know each other.” – Scott Martin
  4. “I love you, elephant.” – Dips Vaishnev
  5. “Human! Stay still! I’ve got you, short-nosed friend!” – Daniel Monaco
  6. “Now can we please stop putting them into circuses or shooting them for their tusks?” – starfox300
  7. “Elephant sees someone in the river: I have to save him! A human sees someone in the river: I have to film this!” – Åsa S
  8. “You can see the young elephant smile, knowing her friend was safe under her. Elephants could teach us to be better humans.” – KIRK NENTOS
  9. “We should learn something from this……. swimming. But I love that baby elephant…” – Jack Nap
  10. “Seriously after seeing this how can we still doubt they are persons?!? She knew he was in danger and helped!! This sweet elephant is more human than most people!!” – Elani Aniyvwia

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