This Elephant’s Caretaker Fell to the Ground. Watch What the Elephant Does Next!

Thongsri the Elephant Comes to the Rescue of Her Caretaker.

Elephants are amazing animals who have been called “gentle giants” for centuries because of their majestic size. Today, they continue to fascinate us with their intelligence and their sense of caring that they demonstrate among each other and for humans alike.

A 17-year-old elephant, Thongsri, who lives at the at a sanctuary home in Chiang Mai, Thailand, noticed someone provoking her caretaker. As the attacker throws him to the ground, she rushes over and ensures nobody harms her caretaker.

Watch as this elephant comes to the rescue of her caretaker…


Elephants are peace-loving animals and they also like to keep their environment clean. Because of their incredible memory, they don’t forget about the caretakers that care for them. Thongsri cares so much that she defends the people who care for her on a daily basis.

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