These Two Best Friends Were Reunited After 22 Years. Their Reaction Will Warm Your Heart.

Two Elephants, Shirley and Jenny, Reunite After 22 Years Apart.

It is said that elephants don’t forget and these two former circus elephants regained a bond they haven’t had in over 22 years. Shirley who was crippled because of circus training was brought to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and was free at last.

Shirley hadn’t seen another elephant in 22 years and when she witnessed Tarra, an elephant living at the sanctuary, everybody in attendance was moved to tears.But it wasn’t until another elephant named Jenny arrived that they would witness one of the most emotional reunions ever.

Jenny, who is also crippled, performed at the same circus as Shirley did and they lived one winter together before being separated twenty-two years ago. Jenny was a calf at the time and Shirley was in her twenty’s and was one of her best friends and they cared for each other. After over two decades, they were finally reunited and their emotional displays is one of the most beautiful reunions ever captured on film.


Her primary caretaker, Solomon, said it best, “I don’t know who was the first to put her chains on, but I’m glad to know, that I was the last to take them off. She is free at last.” Elephants are also incredibly smart animals, especially this elephant that cleaned up the thrash that someone left in his park.

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