A Baby Polar Bear Cub Takes Her First Steps. When She Does THIS, You’ll Want to Hug Her All Day!

2-month-old Female Polar Bear Cub Takes Her First Steps at Toronto Zoo.

Polar bears love cold weather but it’s even cuter when polar bear cubs start playing in the snow. Of course, before they get to enjoy being in the snow they have to learn how to walk first but have you ever seen a baby polar cub taking its first steps?

The Toronto Zoo shared a video of a 2-month-old polar bear cub which doesn’t have a name yet but they nicknamed her ‘Juno’ and she is adorable! She is learning to take her first steps and even with each adorable tumble, she is getting stronger and will be walking in no time at all.

Watch a Toronto Zoo female 2-month-old polar bear cub nicknamed ‘Juno’ take her first steps…


After being fed from a bottle since birth, she now feeds from a bowl and will grow up to be big and strong like her mother Aurora which is a favorite at the Toronto Zoo. Please share this adorable baby polar bear cub taking its first steps with your friends and family.

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