He Rubbed 3 Patches of Oil on His Skin and His Tips Will Crush Your Fears of Poison Ivy

Here Is How to Never Have a Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again.

It seems that every year, there are new fears on the evening news regarding mosquitoes, ticks, poison ivy, or other dangers lurking in the woods. If you’re educated about what to look out for, it will make your next hike an enjoyable one.

One fear that people have is getting poison ivy rashes after walking in the woods; however, Jim Brauker, Ph.D., explains the root causes of poison ivy rashes. Poison ivy contains urushiol, an oil that can irritate your skin if it isn’t washed off. By washing properly and following his techniques, you may never have to deal with severe skin rashes again.

Watch how to never have a serious poison ivy rash again…


The key is education and the more educated we are, the more we’ll understand why it happens and be better prepared in the future. Please share this helpful tip with your friends and family and never have to deal with serious poison ivy rashes again.

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