Scientists Spotted This Creepy Phenomenon Happening in Our Oceans. They Couldn’t Believe It…

Aquatic life in the ocean never ceases to amaze me. Scientists have always believed that most species in the ocean sleep with half their brain still active to avoid drowning and avoid predators. But in 2008, scientists discovered that sperm whales fall into a deep state of sleep and proved that theory didn’t apply to all ocean life. Some unbelievable images like Crabzilla the giant crab is considered a hoax but this image and video of sperm whales sleeping vertically is fact.

This portion of video from ‘Magic of the Blue’ on the Discovery Channel demonstrates their sleeping patterns but the way they sleep is kind of creepy. You generally don’t see a group of whales floating still and scientists indicate that they only sleep 10-15 minutes at a time at various moments throughout the day.

Watch sperm whales sleeping…


It may look like these whales drowned but they are very much alive, just sleeping!

It may look like these sperm whales drowned but they are very much alive. This is a photo of sperm whales sleeping!

Scientists are constantly learning new things about whales, sharks, and tons of other species in our oceans. The fact that sperm whales sleep vertically is mind-blowing and just another reason why nature is awesome.

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