Their Dad Cuts Open a Wasp Nest. Watch Their Faces When They Look Inside!

Ever wonder what is inside a wasp nest Featured

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a wasp nest looked like? Well, wonder no more! The curious dad named Dan over at the What’s Inside YouTube channel bought a nest on eBay (yes…eBay!) and decided to have a look inside.

What makes this video a must-watch is that Dad decides to cut open this real nest inside the house! In fact, Dan cut opens the nest right on the dining room table with his son, Lincoln, and his friend Kai looking on with anticipation.

Some knowledgeable YouTubers have determined that it’s not a wasp nest but a hornet’s nest; however, it’s just as mysterious and fascinating to see what’s inside!

Watch to find out what’s inside a giant wasp nest…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “What’s inside a Giant Wasp Nest?” by What’s Inside?:

  1. “Wasps gonna start buying wasp nests from eBay so they don’t need to build one :)” – Gazzer GT
  2. “Trypophobia has entered the chat.” – TheUnseen
  3. “Bet the wife loves that this is being done on her dining room table!” – Mike Barbacovi
  4. “Meanwhile in a parallel universe ‘what’s inside a human house'” – Blacksáber Predator
  5. “Why on earth would bees come out of that wasp nest..?” – Peter Green
  6. “Is it just me or does that sound like ASMR when he cuts it open.” – CoolSico jack
  7. “It’s not a wasp nest. It’s clearly a hornet’s nest. Pretty cool of Dad to get one (even if he did have to buy it) for the boys to investigate. That’s real education right there, more than you learn in high school these days!” – stevebrownrocks
  8. “”I thought it was funny the dad wears gloves……kids tear into it barehanded.” – RODWALLBANGER

There you have it! Please share how this family discovered what the inside of a wasp nest looks like by carefully cutting into one with your friends and family.

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