A Chilly Raccoon Stuck on a Railroad Track Gets Rescued

Picture this: a chilly raccoon is stuck to the railroad track by his own testicle hair as temperatures plummet to -12C (-10.4F). It’s a desperate situation that could have ended with tragedy. But, thanks to a quick-thinking railroad worker, it is a raccoon rescue story with a happy ending.

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A Chilly Raccoon Stuck on a Railroad Track Gets Rescued.
TikTok / @neilmullis13

The Distressed Raccoon’s Rescue Story

In a Tik Tok video posted by Neil Mullis, a 35-year-old railroad worker, the raccoon had been frozen in place due to his own testicle hair freezing against the metal track. To free him, he defrosted him with warm water and used a shovel to carefully scrape away at any remaining ice before the raccoon could run off safely into the woods…but not without leaving some of his hair still frozen to the railroad track.

The raccoon ran off safely into the woods...but not without leaving some of his hair still frozen to the railroad track.
TikTok / @neilmullis13

Watch this adorable rescue video of a raccoon stuck on a railroad track…

In the video, taken near Cochran, Georgia, you can hear how surprised Mullis was when he noticed the poor little raccoon. Thankfully, no human or animal was hurt in this dramatic rescue mission – which is always good news!

What Can We Learn From This Raccoon Rescue?

TikTok / @neilmullis13

Well, as Mullis captioned on his TikTok video, “Life lesson…don’t sit a wet a$$ on a cold rail.” Seriously though, railroad tracks are dangerous places for wildlife as well as humans and can cause serious injury if not careful. While an oncoming train is generally the danger, instances like this prove ANYTHING can happen.

Getting a foot stuck while walking near or on a railroad track or tripping on a railroad tie and getting injured or falling unconscious. All of these examples are not common occurrences, but they can happen. It just highlights the dangers of railroad tracks and why people should always exercise caution when near them.

Chilly Raccoon Gives a Whole New Meaning to the Term ‘Blue Balls’

This chilly raccoon got himself into a freezing situation but with help from a quick-thinking railway worker, he managed to escape unscathed and scamper off into the woods before anything worse could happen. Let’s all take this story as an important reminder of why we must remain cautious around railways at all times.

If you ever do see an animal in distress near or on a railroad track, it’s best to contact the authorities instead of putting your own life in danger trying to rescue them yourself. Neil Mullis is a trained railroad worker and had the proper knowledge and equipment to safely rescue the raccoon. A great job by Mullis and all of his colleagues involved in this heartwarming rescue mission!

H/t: Good News Network

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