Raccoon on a Mission Tries to Steal Fitness Model’s Lunch During Florida Trip

Raccoon Tries to Steal Fitness Model Janna Breslin’s Lunch.

Raccoons can be cute but keep in mind they are wild animals and they’re always hungry. Listen, I could watch a cute raccoon eat grapes all day as much as the next person! While raccoons attacking humans are rare, some do carry rabies.

One hungry raccoon noticed a fitness model, Janna Breslin on a paddleboard tour at Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida and smelled something delicious in her backpack. He nonchalantly swims up to her and quickly tries to snatch the backpack. It was Breslin’s first encounter with a raccoon and she says, “I’m not happy I bonked him on the head, I tried to nicely keep him away from me and my things but once I felt he was not going to let go of my clothing and food, I made a split decision to make sure my belongings were safe. As you can see he swam away and was totally fine. We even saw him walking around an hour later and tried to come up to us again haha.”

Watch fitness model Janna Breslin VS the raccoon…


Her backpack probably also contained things like a smartphone or other expensive things so I probably would have done my best to protect my belongings too.

Some of our favorite YouTube comments from Janna Breslin VS the raccoon:

  • “So he picks the hottest girl’s clothes, nice choice bro.” by Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • “He really wanted to latch onto that rack.” by sickb2200
  • “Where is that location!? looks wonderful.” by Farouk Mejdoub
  • “WOW !!! The water looks Exceptionally Clear & Clean.” by william higgins
  • “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 looks Amazing!” by Katie A
  • “It was just trying to escape from Cyril Sneer.” by Destination: tonsils

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