Toronto Raccoon Has a Pool Party for One in Backyard Pool

When it’s hot outside, there is nothing more refreshing than jumping into a backyard pool. But when it comes to beating the heat, even animals love a pool party and that apparently includes raccoons!

One Toronto homeowner found herself with a raccoon in the backyard but it wasn’t nosing through the trash with its nimble little fingers. Instead, it was eyeing the pool and looking for a great way to cool down on a hot summer day.

Twitter user Catherine and her husband walked into their backyard to find a raccoon looking forward to taking a refreshing swim in their pool.

This cute raccoon didn’t even need any pool floats because it was happy and content simply doing dog paddles around the pool.

The clever raccoon found his way into the pool by conveniently using the stairs. Once he did, he wasn’t shy about swimming a few leisurely laps!

Once the hilarious raccoon cooled down, he did what any respectable raccoon would do and decided to take a few photo ops for his gracious hosts while drying off.

Some Twitter users also found the whole incident to be meme-worthy and created some pretty clever memes!

Raccoon Pool Memes - "What I think I look like. What I actually look like."
Twitter / @ccreager02

“What I think I look like. What I actually look like.”

"No one: Me: At a pool party pretending to be a mermaid."
Twitter / @ccreager02

“No one: Me: At a pool party pretending to be a mermaid.”

"2020 Vacation plans: 2020 Vacation:"
Twitter / @ccreager02

“2020 Vacation plans: 2020 Vacation:”

While raccoons love to swim, let’s not forget about other animals that love backyard swimming pools like grizzly bears, dogs, and even moose!

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