35 Coolest Pool Floats to Instantly Add Fun to Any Summer Pool Party

Summertime is here and what better way to enjoy summer than spending time by the pool with friends and family. Whether it’s lounging under the sun or playing games in your pool, the following pool floats and toys spell out summer fun!

In fact, I even threw in a couple of inflatable islands that are perfect for the lake too. Regardless of which pool floats you get, I’m confident that any of these 35 pool floats will add to your enjoyment of the summer. Time to hit the pool!

1) Giant Diamond Ring Pool Floats

Jasonwell Inflatable Diamond Ring Pool Float - Engagement Ring Bachelorette Party Float Stagette Decorations Swimming Tube Floaty Outdoor Water Lounge for Adults & Kids

If you’re looking for the biggest engagement ring, look no further! Perfect as a birthday gift or bachelorette party gift, this diamond ring pool float for adults is gorgeous. It’s guaranteed to be hit at your next party!

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2) Luxurious Bean Bag Floats

King Kai Adult Pool Float, Fade-Resistant Marine-Grade Fabric, Floating Raft, Resort-Like Comfort, 58 in x 72 in, Pacific Blue

Made in the USA, these giant bean bag pool floats are just as comfy as the classic bean bag chairs you probably had as a kid. But unlike the material used in actual bean bag chairs, these giant bean bag pool floats are filled with small “buoyant beads” to provide buoyancy in the water. That also means you don’t have to inflate this pool float, it’s always ready to use!

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3) Giant Pretzel Pool Floats

Swimline Giant Pretzel Swim Fun Inflatable Floating Seat, 1-Pack

Who doesn’t like a giant pretzel? This over sized pretzel pool float is made of heavy-duty vinyl and has enough room for 3 kids. Kids and adults will love relaxing by the pool on giant pretzel pool floats.

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4) Giant Swan Lounge Pool Floats

Summer Palms Giant Swan Lounge Pool Float, 78' x 63' x 51.5'

At over 78 inches long, this giant swan pool float is big enough whether you want to lounge alone or with a friend. Durable PVC construction and two heavy-duty handles provide you with added support when lounging by the pool or at the beach!

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5) Giant Rubber Ducky Pool Floats

SWIMLINE ORIGINAL 9062 Giant Inflatable Lucky Ducky Pool Float Floatie Ride-On Lounge W/ Stable Legs Wings Large Rideable Blow Up Summer Beach Swimming Party Lounge Big Raft Tube Decoration Toys Kids

If you thought rubber duckies were just for the tub, think again! You’ll want to rub-a-dub-dub on this giant rubber ducky pool float in the pool. At 60 inches long and 48 inches tall, I don’t recommend using this giant ducky in the bathtub! Kids and people of all ages will love riding around on their very own giant rubber ducky pool floats.

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6) Giant Unicorn Pool Floats

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Floatie Ride On with Fast Valves Large Rideable Blow Up Summer Beach Swimming Pool Party Lounge Raft Decorations Toys Kids Adults

Ride this magical giant unicorn pool float and you’ll be the envy of your pool guests. To say that this unicorn pool float is big is an understatement…it’s HUGE! Designed to hold 2 adults or 4+ kids, it stands at a whopping 114 inches long and 55 inches tall. Great fun for anyone.

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7) Giant Strawberry Frosted Donut Pool Floats

BigMouth Inc. Donut Pool Float, Thick Vinyl Raft, Patch Kit Included

No, Homer from The Simpsons didn’t take a bite of this strawberry frosted donut pool float but who did? Regardless, this pool float not only looks delicious, but it will also take your cares away as you lounge your day at the pool. It’s 4 feet wide and can easily fit one adult or 2 kids!

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8) Giant Chocolate Donut Pool Floats

BigMouth Inc. Chocolate Donut Pool Float, Funny Inflatable Vinyl Summer Pool or Beach Toy, Patch Kit Included, Giant Swim Tube, Fun Summer Toy

If you prefer chocolate over strawberry frosted donuts, we’ve got you covered!

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9) Giant Narwhal Pool Floats

Giant Narwhal Inflatable Pool Floats: Ride On Raft Floats for Adults and Kids - Large Inflatable Pool Rafts for the Beach, Lake or Swimming Pools - Cute Animal Pool Toys for Lounging or Pool Party Fun

The infamous Narwhal is often named ‘the unicorn of the sea’ and for good reason. It’s just as cute and just as magical. This giant Narwhal pool float features a patented design so you can lounge comfortably on your back. At 78 inches long when inflated, it truly is a GIANT pool float that you’ll just love.

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10) Giant Pizza Slice Pool Floats

Swimline Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float, Multicolor

If you love lounging away on a hot summer day baking in the sun, why not lay down on a pizza? This giant pizza slice pool float lets you relax on its fluffy crust while you count all the delicious toppings on these pizza slice pool floats. You can buy a slice or even 8 slices to make an entire “friends” pizza!

Swimline Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float, Multicolor

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11) Mega-Sized Giant 9′ Inflatable Pretty Peacock Island Floats

Pretty Peacock Island - Gigantic Inflatable 6-Adult Party Lake Float

At over 9 feet tall and 15 feet long, this peacock island float is meant for the lake and what fun it is! With built-in beverage holders, you and 5 other adults can bring the party to this pretty peacock island float. Be prepared to have a blast on the water.

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12) Giant Avocado Pool Floats

Jasonwell Inflatable Avocado Pool Float Floatie with Ball Water Fun Large Blow Up Summer Beach Swimming Floaty Party Toys Lounge Raft for Kids Adults (XL)

Not only is this giant avocado pool float incredibly comfortable, it even includes a brown beach ball as the avocado seed. Lounging in the pool on this giant avocado pool float is sure to give guests immediate cravings for avocado toast!

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13) Giant Eggs & Bacon Pool Floats

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Do I smell bacon? If you enjoy eating breakfast by the pool, let others know with this hilarious giant eggs and bacon pool float set. Perfect for pool parties, this pool float set includes a 90-inch bacon raft and sunny side up eggs float. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

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14) Water Gun Plane Ride-On Pool Floats

Intex Water Gun Plane Ride-On, 52' x 51', for Ages 3+, 1 Pack (Colors May Vary)

If you’re planning a pool party for the kids, this water gun plane ride-in pool float is a must have. Featuring bright and exciting colors, kids will love spraying each other with the built-in toy water gun accessory.

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15) Giant Gator Ride-On Pool Floats

INTEX Giant Gator Inflatable Pool Float: Animal Pool Toy For Kids – 2 Heavy-Duty Handles – 176lb Weight Capacity – 80' x 45' – For Ages 3+

While nobody wants to encounter an alligator in their pool, you’ll make an exception when you spot this giant gator ride-on pool float in your pool. Cute and colorful, kids will love riding this alligator that features two sets of handles for a secure ride.

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16) Giant Rainbow Pool Floats

FUNBOY Giant Inflatable Luxury Rainbow Cloud Island Daybed Pool Float, Floating Bed, Two Cup Holders, Luxury Float for Summer Pool Party and Entertainment

You’ll welcome the float life when you spend the day on this rainbow pool float that features over 50 square feet of lounging space. You and your besties will love taking photos under the rainbow and posting them on your social networks. Get ready for some summer fun with this giant rainbow pool float!

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17) Inflatable Rainbow Drinks Holder

FUNBOY Giant Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder, Luxury Floating Bar Accessory for Pool Parties and Entertainment, Floating Drink Holder

The perfect accompaniment to your rainbow pool float! Have chilled drinks on hand with this floating bar. Plenty of room for drinks, ice, and snacks, it is sure to be the hit at your next pool party. Great for the lake, pool, hot tub, or any party!

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18) Giant Retro Cassette Tape Pool Floats

The Classic Cassette Pool Float by LOTELI - Clear Cassette - Thicker and Stronger - Best Oversized Clear Inflatable for Retro Pool Parties, Summer Fun & Relaxation - Durable & Easy to Inflate

If you have fond memories of creating mixtapes back in the day, then this giant cassette tape pool float is for you! Great for everyday relaxing by the pool, this ‘Maxchill’ cassette tape is the pool float any music lover needs. Big enough for you and a friend, this giant retro cassette tape pool float truly is GIANT!

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19) Chicken Fight Ride-On Pool Floats

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Who are you calling a chicken? Add some competitive gaming to your pool with these chicken fight ride-on pool floats. Part of the challenge is keeping your balance because they are tipsy and the other part is outsmarting your opponent. Fun for all ages!

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20) Giant Poop Emoji Pool Floats

No products found.

This giant poop emoji is a must for social media fans and influencers. This fun floater brings your phone’s poop emoji to life and that’s a good thing! If you’re looking for attention at the pool, then this giant poop emoji pool float is just what you need.

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21) Giant Rainbow Pool Floats

JOYIN Inflatable Rainbow Pool Float - Fun Beach Floaties Pool Tube Swim Party Toys Decorations, Rainbow Pool Raft Lounger with Glitters for Adults Kids

Rainbow pool floats are a favorite for summertime pool parties. This one raises the bar by featuring shiny glitter inside that shimmer and shake as you have fun by the pool. Share the colors of the rainbow with this beautiful glimmering rainbow pool float!

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22) Giant Unicorn Pool Floats

GoFloats Unicorn Pool Float Party Tube - Inflatable Rafts, Adults & Kids

Other favorite pool floats are unicorn pool floats and this one is magical. Unlike larger unicorn pool floats we featured, this giant unicorn pool float is perfect for one and is super comfortable. As a tube float, it lets you lounge comfortably while also adding a magical unicorn.

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23) Giant Pineapple Pool Floats

BigMouth Inc Giant Pineapple PooI FIoat, Fun InfIatable Fruit Floatie, Vinyl Summer Ring Tube for Swimming Pool, Patch Kit Included

If you love lounging by the pool while sipping on tropical drinks (who doesn’t???) then this giant pineapple pool float is for you. Get to your tropical happy place with this sweet and comfortable pineapple pool float. You’ll love welcoming summer with your pineapple slice of paradise!

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24) Giant Dragon Pool Floats

GoFloats Dragon Party Tube Inflatable Rafts - Choose From Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon, Pool Floats for Adults and Kids

If you thought winter is coming, think again, because summer is coming instead! A great gift for Game of Thrones fans, these giant dragon pool floats are available for kids and adults. Train your dragon and reign forever in your own summer pool party.

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25) Giant Golden Dragon Pool Floats

Giant Inflatable 103' Golden Dragon Pool Float - Luxy Float

I think it’s safe to say that dragons are huge so shouldn’t your dragon pool float be just as majestic? At a length of 103 inches, this golden dragon pool float is large enough for two people or a capacity of 400 pounds. This eye-catching golden dragon will be a hit with kids and adults alike.

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26) Giant Watermelon Pool Floats

Intex Giant Inflatable 72 Inch Watermelon Island Summer Swimming Pool Float Raft

Fresh watermelon and summer is an unbeatable combination. Celebrate your love of watermelon with this refreshing watermelon pool float. The perfect summer float for relaxing out by the pool and it’s big enough for two people!

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27) Inflatable Beer Pong Pool Game

GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong Inflatable with Social Floating, White

Bring out the fun at your next pool party with this inflatable beer pong game for adults. It has a full 10 cup beer pong setup on each side along with convenient cup holders for guests watching the competition. It also doubles as a comfortable lounger when the beer pong festivities are over.

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28) Inflatable Hunk Pool Floats

NPW Pool Float, Inflatable Hunk, 2.7 x 2.4 feet

Not only will this fabulous hunk keep you cool as you relax in his arms, but he’ll also hold your drink! All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the view. This inflatable hunk pool float for adults will be your new favorite drinking buddy!

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29) Huggable Sloth Pool Floats

SwimWays Huggables Sloth Oversized Float - Inflatable Lounge with Cupholder for Pool or Lake

If you’d prefer to be hugged by a sloth instead of an inflatable hunk, this lounging pool float is for you! Sloths are cute and one of the reasons why this inflatable sloth pool float is so adorable. Lounge all day while being hugged by this photogenic sloth pool float.

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30) Stars Wars Millennium Falcon Pool Floats

SwimWays hmfeuws Pool Bumper Boats - Inflatable Novelty Float for Pool

Take control of the Millennium Falcon and make the jump to hyperspace in your pool! At 5 feet long, you’ll feel like Rey or Han Solo as you lounge in your pool on this detailed inflatable Millennium Falcon pool float. Makes a great gift for any Star Wars fan or collector too!

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31) Mega-Sized Giant 10′ Party Bird Island Unicorn Floats

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Large enough for you and five friends, this gigantic 10 foot unicorn island float is bound to get attention on the lake. Whether you go for swim, relax under the sun, or sip on drinks all day, this island float is an instant party. Inflate and you’re ready to go!

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32) Giant Flamingo Pool Float

Intex Flamingo Inflatable Ride-On, 58 in x 55 in x 37 in, for Ages 3+

You didn’t think we’d forget about flamingos, did you? A summer classic when it comes to pool floats, this giant flamingo pool float is a winner all the way. Great for riding, lounging, or playing, this pool float is sure to become one of your summer favorites on hot summer days.

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33) Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float with Fast Valves Summer Beach Swimming Pool Party Lounge Raft Decorations Toys for Adults Kids (Green)

Make a “splash” with this giant mermaid tail pool float that is sure to have people doing a double-take. Measuring over 82 inches in length, this mermaid tail pool float is no slouch! You are sure to have an amazing time on the water with this giant mermaid pool float!

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34) Inflatable Monterey Hammock Pool Float

Aqua Original 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Pool Float & Water Hammock – Multi-Purpose, Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults – Patented Thick, Non-Stick PVC Material

The Monterey is one of the best selling pool loungers on the market today. Why? Because it is incredibly comfortable and is incredibly versatile too. This best selling pool float is actually 4 pool floats in 1! This multi-purpose float is a hammock, lounge chair, drifter, or exercise saddle and it excels at all four. It’s so great that everyone in your family will want one!

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35) Giant Golden Boy Pool Float

Golden Boy Pool Float

Just like the giant wedding ring float at the start of this list, this giant golden boy pool float for adults is also a great gift for bachelorette parties. Standing at a whopping 79 inches, this naughty pool float is quite the conversation starter and definitely worthy of being called GIANT!

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I hope the following pool floats give you an idea of what to buy for the pool season. Please share the best and coolest pool floats with your friends and family.

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