11 Creative Ideas to Upgrade your Wardrobe

11 creative ideas to upgrade your wardrobe.

Do you ever think that you never have anything to wear?

Have your fashion statements become afterthoughts?

Do you ever just want to ditch your entire wardrobe, but can’t afford to replace all of them?

These problems are easier to solve than you think.

Rather than ditch clothes that don’t fit you as well, or have lost a little of their luster, you can just make a few creative tweaks here and there.

There’s a lot more mileage out of them – and we’ll show you just how you can extend them with just a modicum of skill and some basic supplies you’ll use in crafty methods.

See, there are a million ways you can reimagine, repurpose, and revive old outfits and transform them into something astonishingly unique, fresh, and creative – all you need to do is to get those creative juices flowing and open your mind up to the possibilities that your old favorites STILL have.

1) Hem those old trousers

There’s always that one pair of beloved trousers you’ve lovingly worn throughout the years, but have gotten too short. Conversely, you may have that one pair of trousers you’ve never worn because they were too long or baggy. Instead of ditching them, you can simply rework the hems and tuck it and roll to your desired size.

It’s not rocket science, either – all you need are basic sewing skills and a budget-friendly, effective sewing machine. Check out this page for examples.

2) Mix and match, rinse and repeat

The easiest way to upgrade your wardrobe in a pinch is to mix and match ad nauseam. Slip on a pair of funky tights. Mix it with your existing clothing – voila. How about rocking those patent flats with an outfit that you’d normally match with pumps? The possibilities are endless. Trust us, you will get compliments.

3) Never ditch a coat again

There’s no harder piece of wardrobe to part with than a coat, just because it’s gotten worn or looking a little worse for wear and tear. But there’s more than one way to extend your coat’s lifecycle; by cropping, narrowing the fit, changing zipper, reducing sleeve length – the sky’s the limit.

4) Stud ’em up

Refreshing literally any item in your wardrobe can be as simple as studding them up. Has your favorite comfort tee seen its best days? Take some studs from an old necklace, and with some well-placed cuts in the shirt, thread them on to the fabric, and secure them in place with a tight knot – voila. Rock chic in literally seconds.

5) Freshen up dresses of all types with hems

Some dresses entirely change their pizzazz when you play with their hem lengths. Repurpose an aging prairie dress by cutting it at the thighs, or transform a maxi into a midi-length outfit. It’s an entirely new style on its own, and it extends the lifespan of your most favorite dresses. It’s all in how you place the hems!

6) Easy leather and suede restoration

Cleaning leather and suede is a chore most of us would rather avoid, but should do more often – it’s easier to revive and restore them back to their former glory by using some easy-to-find materials you can snag for a few dollars.

If you have leather pieces to restore, simply clean them using a gentle dishwashing liquid; otherwise, you can opt to try cleaning it using glycerin soup with water.

For those blue suede shoes – or any suede at all – simply give it some good suede brush strokes to clear out any dirt that gets on the material. If you find those hard-to-remove stains (excluding oil), use a pencil eraser.

7) Resize your favorite leather shoes

We all have that one pair that we just can’t let go for one reason or another – but there is a way you can resize an already ill-fitting leather shoe. Just put on your desired pair of leather shoes over thick socks, and then blow-dry it on the tightest parts as you move your feet around until you feel comfort. Wear the newly-stretched shoes out for several days so the new shape is retained.

8) Crop it!

Regardless of literally cropping your tees off using a pair of scissors or if you just tie them into knots, cropping your top instantly brings a breath of fresh air. There is an endless range of apparel you can alter dramatically just by making a few strategic cuts.

9) Add buttons to aging coats

Apart from just cropping your old coats, there is another way you could refresh their look – just slip in some gaudy gold buttons to make an old coat stand out as though it were new.

10) Get crazy with the accessories

Never underestimate the power of a well-chosen accessory to take any piece of clothing to another level. Is your suit in some serious need of oomph? Slap on a bow tie. Wear a funky necktie. Put on a matching hat that suits your head and facial profile. Sometimes, you only just need to add THAT one accessory – experiment, mix, match, get creative!

11) Bling bling for basic pieces

If you think your everyday white tee is getting a bit drab for your taste, or if your favorite office dress shirt is getting too professional, make a statement by rocking some bling of any size, shape, and substance with it.

You don’t always need to spend for style – just the right tweaks can make a whole world of a difference. Be creative and discover your own style.

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