A Man Brought a Piece of Cardboard in His Backyard and What He Did with It Is Brilliant

Man Raking Leaves with a Piece of Cardboard and It's Brilliant.

Autumn has to be one of my favorite seasons because of the breathtaking fall foliage full of dazzling colors; however, raking up these colorful leaves is something I could do without. I’ve tried every type of leaf blower out there and none seem to work as good as a trusty old rake but one man might have found the best and least expensive solution for cleaning up your yard.

Facebook user April Medlen posted a video of an Indiana man, Brian Shreves, walking out with a large piece of cardboard and he uses it to push a lot of leaves out of the way. It looks so effective, you might be tempted to try this leaf rake hack for yourself, I know I will!

Watch a man raking leaves effortlessly with a piece of cardboard!

All this time, we’ve been raking leaves wrong and I hope Shreves gets a patent for his cardboard leaf rake! Please share this effective and easy way to rake leaves in your yard and help make it an easier job for your friends and family.

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