This Grizzly Bear Just Discovered a Swimming Pool and He Is Having the Time of His Life!

Bruiser Bear Enjoying a Refreshing Dive in His Swimming Pool.

Grizzly bears love water and when they aren’t near a lake, a refreshing swimming pool will do! Just like these polar bears enjoying a snow day at the Oregon Zoo, these bears are enjoying the slightly warmer water in their very own swimming pool.

Bruiser Bear and Honey Bear are enjoying a day at the pool at their home at the Single Vision wildlife education facility. Bruiser sure loves showing off his diving moves! He loves doing a belly flop and watch him as he gets out and dives in again!

Watch Bruiser Bear taking a dive in this swimming pool…


Watching Bruiser enjoying the pool so much is like watching a kid enjoying the water! Please share this hilarious video of Bruiser and Honey bear enjoying their swimming pool with your friends and family.

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