His Dog Does THIS Every Time He Leaves for School and It’s Adorably Sweet

Adorable Dog Cries When Mom Drops Off Her Son at School.

Dogs are precious and when they see somebody they love so much leave to go somewhere, they sometimes don’t realize that their favorite human will eventually come back. When Gabriela drops off her son at his school in their Texas town, their dog Dixie doesn’t like to see him go.

Dogs miss their owners when they are away and Dixie cries every morning when his favorite pal gets out of the car and leaves for school. It breaks your heart but it’s also adorable because you know how happy he will be when he sees his favorite human arriving from school at the end of the day.

Watch this sweet dog cry every time mom drops son off to school…


The bond that children and their pets have is wonderful and the memories they share lasts a lifetime. Please share an adorable dog crying when his favorite pal leaves for school with your friends and family.

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