This Dog Misses His Mommy When She Is Away but He Loves to ‘Talk’ to Her on the Phone.

Stanley the Talking Dog "Talks" to His Mommy on the Phone.

As a kid, I would sometimes spend a weekend at my sister’s place and my mother would later tell me how my dog wouldn’t eat anything until I got back. Dogs get attached to their owners and when they are away, even hearing their voice can bring them joy.

Stanley the Airedale Terrier sure misses his mommy and when she makes a surprise phone call, he begins singing and howling with happiness. She tells him how much she loves him and he returns the love right back and it is so heartwarming to watch.

Watch Stanley the talking dog “talk” to his human on the phone…


It’s amazing to see how much dogs love their owners and sense sadness when they are away. If you have a dog, give them a huge hug because they deserve it!

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