18 Cute and Adorable Reptile Photos That Will Make You Love These Sometimes Misunderstood Vertebrates

When most people see a snake, frog, or lizard, the word “cute” generally doesn’t come to mind. Furry animals like cats and dogs are usually high on the cuteness scale but once you see these 18 photos of cute reptiles and amphibians, you may realize how cute they really are.

You won’t find any class of animals on earth that has as much variety as these species and the colors they exhibit can be incredible. Here are 18 adorably cute reptiles that will make you love these misunderstood vertebrates.

1) Everybody can use a helping hand once in a while.

2) A happy little gecko.

3) This lizard made a heart just for you.

4) And so has this turtle with its heart-shaped piece of strawberry.

5) What an adorable smile on this cute leopard gecko.

6) Another winning smile!

18 cute pictures of lizards and reptiles - Another winning smile!

Isac Pretorius

7) This tiny gecko fits right on your fingertip.

8) Somebody looks happy!

9) Mom gives her baby croc a safe place to rest while moving through the river.

10) This little grass snake is gentle and loves humans.

18 cute pictures of lizards and reptiles - This little grass snake is gentle and loves humans.

flickr / Patrick Schmitt

11) Letting it all hang out.

12) Lizards on a date.

13) This little guy is one happy chameleon.

14) Who doesn’t love a nice back rub?

15) Incredibly small baby chameleon.

18 cute pictures of lizards and reptiles - Incredibly small baby chameleon.

flickr / Chris Minihane

16) This turtle is as happy as can be.

17) A bearded dragon enjoying nature.

18) A cool lizard in an action hero pose.

H/t: BoredPanda

Animals don’t need to be a ball of fur to be cute and these reptiles prove that cuteness takes many forms. Please share these great photos of cute reptiles with friends and family.

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