After Losing 50 Pounds, His Dog Didn’t Recognize Him. Then He Does THIS!

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and it’s so sensitive, their smell sensitivity is expected to be 40 times more sensitive than our sense of smell. In fact, their sense of smell is so amazing that some dogs can smell cancer even at stage 0!

Dog Does Not Recognize His Owner, Shane Godfrey, After Weight Loss Until He Sniffs Him.

When Shane Godfrey returned home after fighting flu complications in the hospital for 5 weeks, he didn’t know how his dog Willie would react. He lost over 50 pounds while in the hospital and his dog didn’t recognize him at first. You somehow get the sense that he recognizes his voice but doesn’t recognize his owner.

When he finally gets brave enough to get close to him, he sniffs the strange man calling his name and he immediately recognizes his human, Shane Godfrey.

Watch the reaction of Shane Godfrey’s dog after his amazing weight loss…


Willie’s reaction when he finally recognizes his owner Shane Godfrey is so heartwarming.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments for the video, “Dog Doesn’t Recognize Owner After Weight Loss…Until He Sniffs | The Dodo” by The Dodo:

  1. “The moment he recognizes him is priceless.” – FunnyPig
  2. “Humans: Seeing is believing. Dogs: Smelling is believing.” – PushyPawn
  3. “Awwwww ♡♡♡” – Kuji
  4. “He’s shaking his tail so hard his whole lower body is shaking 😂” – lexi white
  5. “Dog’s like:’WHERE’S THE REST OF YOU!!??'” – AColonDashSix
  6. “Wow, I love this, this shows how animals are full of love, I was injured and in the hospital for 3 months, my dog did the same thing, after a sniff he was all full of love, now he old and walks very slow but I will love him till the day he leaves me, thank you, Father God, for my loving dog, coco. Peace and God Bless.” – john jkizer

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