Newly-Engaged Couple Took a Photo and Wanted to Photoshop out the Shirtless Guy. They Asked the Internet for Help! LOL!!

There are several talented graphic designers that will often Photoshop something out or in when requested. Sometimes the results are hilarious and prove that some designers also have a sense of humor.

When a couple got engaged on a trip, their friend took a photo of the happy couple. Unfortunately, it was a photo they wanted to treasure forever and they wanted one element in the photo taken out. They ended up asking the internet for help and the results are hilarious!

1)  Ashley Guice wanted the perfect photo for her best friend’s sister that just got engaged. She asked the internet for help…


2) Specifically she asked for the shirtless guy in the background to be photoshopped. Some of them were cute.


3) While others were downright creepy.


4) Speaking of creepy, Trump and Clinton. Now you’ve done it.


5) So close Mr. Eggplant, so close…


6) Even Putin wants in on the fun.


7) Cups. Lots and lots of cups.


8) You’re now in the middle of a shirtless guy sandwich.


9) Salt Bae is sprinkling salt everywhere!


10) “I love you, you love me. We’re as happy as can be.”


11) I see you Sean Spicer!


12) Even Benedict Cumberbatch got into the role of Sherlock Holmes to wish them the best.


13) Breaking Bad!


14) It wouldn’t be complete without a meme congratulations.


15) That’s an improvement…


16) I sure could use a bowl of Quaker oatmeal right now (80s kids will get it).


17) This is turning into an Animal House!


18) Kermit wants to say something but he won’t.


19) When in doubt, use the Photoshop icon.


20) A dramatic look…


21) Based on his expression, I don’t think Michael Phelps approves of this engagement.


22) As Donald Trump would say, “HUGE.”


23) You know you’ve made it when Leonardo DiCaprio toasts you on your new engagement.


24) Having Michael Bolton there is so romantic!


25) Downtown Abbey at the beach?


26) A priceless work of art but too bad the shirtless guy is still in the photo!


27) Let’s make him Patriotic!


28) I knew Elvis was somewhere on a tropical island.


29) North Korea has taken an interest in this “special” engagement.


30) Yeah, the left shark is still missing a beat.


31) Beyonce is in da house!


32) Did they just use the eraser tool with this one? How lazy!


33) Attack of the shirtless guy clones!


34) Unfortunately, adding a horse head mask doesn’t quite cut it.


35) Getting a little too creative…


36) He must be thinking of his bachelor party.


37) Speaking of bachelor parties…


38) Minions!


39) Nicholas Cage is in everything! Looks like he put on a bit of weight!

If you missed it, Nicholas cage is even in this photocopier!


40) Just take out the entire background and make it a Jurassic engagement.


41) But, a few people decided to actually photoshop him out as requested and the result looks great!

The people of the internet have a sense of humor and these photoshopped images are hilarious! Please share the funny images of a couple that asked the internet for a shirtless guy to be photoshopped with your friends and family.

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