Macklemore’s Grandmother Celebrates Her 100th Birthday. He Celebrated by Creating a Music Video for Her!

Macklemore Celebrates His Grandma's 100th Birthday with Glorious Video.

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to spend precious time with our grandparents. Grandma and grandpa may surprise you with their advanced sense of style and they always have interesting stories to share.

Macklemore may like taking a stroll down to the thrift shop and shopping for deals on your granddad’s hand-me-downs. But in his latest video, he surprises his grandma by flying out to Modesto, California for her 100th birthday. He gives her one of the best birthday’s ever! He created a special video for his new hit song ‘Glorious’ and cast his grandmother and the video is truly glorious.

Watch Macklemore surprising his grandma on her “Glorious” 100th birthday…


Getting a chance to spend time with grandparents is a blessing and if you still have your grandparents in your life, you are so lucky. Please share this heartwarming video of Macklemore surprising his grandma on her 100th birthday with your friends and family.

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