25 Office Pranks That Will Drive Your Co-Workers Batty. #7 Is Mean but Oh so Funny!

The Office was one of my favorite television programs primarily because of the endless pranks between the characters Jim and Dwight. Working in a office is sometimes a drag but most times it is great if you have friendships with your co-workers. It makes the day more enjoyable especially if you occasionally pull office  pranks on each other.

Just like this marriage proposal on a bus, some office pranks take a LOT of preparation but are so worth it. These 25 office pranks will definitely get a chuckle but I hope the following pranks were done to co-workers who had a sense of humor!

1) A good way to recycle AND catch up on some headlines.

2) If you have a sleepy co-worker, this will wake them up.

3) I bet that desk gets great reception.

4) This cubicle is the gift that keeps on giving.

5) Nicholas Cage is literally in everything.

6) “Go shorty, it’s your birthday…”

7) For the co-worker who is obsessed with themselves.

8) Skipped breakfast? Bacon truly is great on anything.

9) Or maybe a Jello salad with a surprise inside is more your style. Office pranks made famous in The Office.

10) No more annoying phone calls…

11) Who wouldn’t like a cubicle full of fun balloons?

12) This truck owner just got punked, office-style.

13) Do NOT feed the bears.

14) Perfect for the co-worker who has Bieber Fever.

15) A cubicle with a ball pit makes work fun.

16) For “The Hoff” fan.

17) If this doesn’t get your co-worker off their chair, I don’t know what will.

18) Don’t mess with the Godfather.

19) If your co-worker is a thrill seeker.

20) There is always at least one person in the office that overdoes it with Post-it notes.

21) Great for the co-worker who still thinks they’re in college.

22) Good luck finding your chair.

23) A cubicle full of Twinkies. Yes, please.

24) “Dude, where’s my car?”

25) Pimpin’ their ride at work.

H/t: Just Something

Please share these office pranks with your office colleagues. Only in an office could you have this much fun at work.

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