He Shows His Cat an Optical Illusion and What He Does NEXT Will Have You LOL!

It’s amazing how our brain works. Some of the best optical illusions which are simple shapes and designs can appear to take on a life of their own. Our brain makes static circles begin to spin or lines begin to shift yet the image remains the same. The following cat mesmerized by optical illusions proves that animals see optical illusions as well.

Cat Mesmerized By "Rotating Snakes" Optical Illusion.

When YouTuber Ryan Kotzin shows the infamous ‘Rotating Snakes’ optical illusion to his cat, the cat’s reaction is hilarious! After staring at the image for a few seconds, the cat begins to notice the illusion takes effect. Then, the cat hilariously tries to catch them.

Watch this cat mesmerized by the ‘Rotating Snakes’ optical illusion…


This mesmerized cat probably can’t comprehend what wizardry was just placed in front of him and it’s hilarious. The image was designed by Kitaoka Akiyoshi in 2003 and it works on the principle of ‘peripheral drift illusion’ or PDI. As your eyes being to focus on some of the circles, the other circles that your eyes are not focused on can appear to be rotating. It’s actually a fairly new discovery and was first described by Prof. Jocelyn Faubert and Andrew Herbert in 1999.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments for the video, “Cat mesmerized by optical illusion” by Squirrel Master:

  1. “Humans mesmerized by a mesmerized cat.” – dershope
  2. “My cat did the same thing with my math homework…” – Poppy Tree
  3. “Human mesmerized by a cat being mesmerized by an optical illusion.” – Hyoukai
  4. “100 years of technology and this is what we make use of it…I LOVE IT 😂” – YN Drako
  5. “It okay cat I eat whatever I get frustrated at too…” – Hopeless
  6. “This is actually deserving of being noted in the scientific literature. Cats perceive optical illusions in a way similar to humans. Fascinating! This is a great observation.” – pmyou2

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