A Little Girl Took a Photo with a Clydesdale. When I Looked up at the Horse’s Face…Hilarious!

One thing is for sure: Kids sure love horses. When they get a chance to see one up close, it can be so thrilling for them. Clydesdale horses are the most majestic horses of all. When a little girl stood next to one, she had to get her photo taken.

It must feel like you are standing next to a giant when you are such a young child; however, this Clydesdale has a sense of humor. As the child stands to get her photo taken with the horses, one of the horses tilts his head down and photobombs her photo by smiling for the camera!

A Clydesdale Photobombs Photo with Little Girl.

She is going to admire this picture forever because it is so cute. Please share this adorable photo of a little girl next to a Clydesdale smiling for a photo with your friends and family.

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