She Made Bread Slices That Look Like Leopard Prints. Here Is Her Secret…

There are many creative home chefs that find ways to make food not only delicious but also look very unique. Recipe blogger Nasi Lemak Lover has created loaves of bread that when sliced have patterns that resemble leopard prints.

Because the dark patches are created with cocoa, it also has a wonderful aroma when cooked. It may involve a little more work than making this ice cream bread recipe but the result is definitely worth the effort!

Recipe blogger Nasi Lemak Lover created a loaf of bread with unique leopard prints.

The result is a leopard bread loaf that tastes as great as it looks.

The dark brown patches are created by mixing cocoa into some of the dough.

First, she starts with three balls of dough. White, brown, and a darker brown dough.

The dough is divided and rolled into smaller balls of dough.

They are rolled into oval shapes.

The darker colored dough wraps around the lighter colored dough. Then repeat the process with the white dough.

You’ll end up with sticks of dough.

You continue rolling them until they are approximately twice the length of your loaf pan.

After slicing them in half, they are stacked into your loaf pan.

As the bread rises and bakes, it creates a unique loaf of bread with leopard prints.

When you slice it, get ready for a lot of compliments.

WOW! I can’t wait to put a slice in the toaster. Where’s the butter?

Leopard bread also makes a great gift by wrapping them in cellophane paper.

H/t: LifeBuzz

If you want to make this leopard print bread, please visit the Nasi Lemak Lover blog for recipe and directions for making leopard print bread loaves. Please share this leopard bread recipe with your friends and family.

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