26 Dump Meals for Your Crock Pot That Are Easy and So Delicious

When you work all day and get home exhausted, the last thing you want to do is cook. It’s so easy to reach for the phone and get some take-out but nothing beats a home-cooked meal.

A Crock Pot can be your best friend when it comes to arriving home to a cooked meal. When you open the door and smell Crock Pot pork chops or any one of these delicious Crock Pot dump meals waiting for you, it’s all worth it.

1) Bacon covered kalua pork

Pork wrapped in bacon. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Get the recipe for bacon covered kalua pork.

2) Crockpot beer braised chicken

Tender chicken simmering in a rich sauce. Get the recipe for Crockpot beer braised chicken.

3) Crockpot red lentil curry

A Crockpot full of red lentil curry is comfort food at its best. Get the recipe for Crockpot red lentil curry.

4) Crockpot chicken teriyaki

Get not one but six healthy freezer Crockpot meals including this awesome Crockpot chicken teriyaki recipe. Get the recipe for Crockpot chicken teriyaki.

5) Crockpot split pea soup

A bowl of stick-to-your-ribs split pea soup is the ultimate. Get the recipe for Crockpot split pea soup.

6) Slow cooker spicy saffron chicken with apricots

Get the recipe for slow cooker spicy saffron chicken with apricots.

7) Crockpot carne asada nachos

Get the recipe for Crockpot carne asada nachos.

8) Honey soy pork tenderloin

Get the recipe for honey soy pork tenderloin.

9) Classic chicken, beans and rice

Get the recipe for classic chicken, beans and rice.

10) Lemon garlic dump chicken

Get the recipe for lemon garlic dump chicken.

11) Slow cooker root vegetable stew

Get the recipe for slow cooker root vegetable stew.

12) Beef dump meals

Crock Pot dump meals featuring beef hash, taco soup, sloppy joes, spaghetti sauce, and chili! Double the recipes and you’ll have 10 beef meals prepared in only one hour. Get the recipes for beef dump meals.

13) Slow cooker cheesy enchilada quinoa bake

Get the recipe for a slow cooker cheesy enchilada quinoa bake.

14) Slow cooker sweet fire chicken

Get the recipe for slow cooker sweet fire chicken.

15) Slow cooker broccoli beef

Get the recipe for slow cooker broccoli beef.

16) 3-Ingredient slow cooker ranch pork chops

Get the recipe for 3-ingredient slow cooker ranch pork chops.

17) 5-Ingredient easy white chicken chili

Get the recipe for 5-ingredient easy white chicken chili.

18) Boneless country style BBQ ribs

Get the recipe for boneless country style BBQ ribs.

19) Slow cooker Mexican quinoa

Get the recipe for slow cooker Mexican quinoa.

20) 7-Ingredient Crock-Pot black bean soup

Get the recipe for 7-Ingredient Crock-Pot black bean soup.

21) Slow cooker honey sesame chicken

Get the recipe for slow cooker honey sesame chicken.

22) Cilantro lime chicken

Get the recipe for cilantro lime chicken.

23) Crockpot Sunday sauce

Get the recipe for a delicious Crockpot Sunday sauce.

24) Slow cooker potato and corn chowder

Get the recipe for slow cooker potato and corn chowder.

25) Slow cooker pot roast

Get the recipe for slow cooker pot roast.

26) Crockpot applesauce BBQ chicken

Get the recipe for Crockpot applesauce BBQ chicken.

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Because these meals simmer in a Crock Pot for hours, you are almost guaranteed to have rich flavorful meals. Please share these Crock Pot dump meals with your friends and family.

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