This Little Poodle Is an Angel in Disguise and What She Does Everyday Still Makes Me Cry

For some nursing home residents, life can be disheartening. Sometimes all they need is someone to spend time with them and lift their spirits up. Even a Charlie Brown Medley by the Piano Guys brings them joy! When Doug Dawson, an employee at the Lyngblomsten nursing home in Minnesota, decided to bring his teacup poodle named Nala to work, he never expected her reaction.

Teacup Poodle Nala Showers Nursing Home Patients With Love.

Within minutes, Nala the teacup poodle was visiting patients and giving them the attention they deserved as she rides elevators from floor to floor. Nala was giving them therapy the best way she knew how, by sitting on their laps and spending time with each and every one of them. Nala’s presence and interaction with the residents proved to be a heartwarming and therapeutic experience for everyone involved.

Watch this teacup poodle ride elevators to visit nursing home residents…


Doug Dawson’s decision to bring Nala to work was inspired by his desire to bring happiness to nursing home residents. Little did he know the profound impact that Nala would have on their lives. As soon as Nala entered the nursing home, she wasted no time in brightening the atmosphere. Amazingly, the teacup poodle rides the elevators herself and recognizes what floor she’s on and who needs attention most.

How she makes the residents feel still warms my heart. The effect Nala had on the residents was undeniable. Their faces lit up with smiles, and their spirits were lifted as they interacted with this adorable canine companion. Nala’s visits provided a much-needed break from the daily routine of life in a nursing home. She was happy offering moments of joy, warmth, and unconditional love to everyone.

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