This Grandpa Was in Tears Once He Opened up His Birthday Present. I Would Have Cried Too.

Grandpa Gets a Puppy for His Birthday Present and Gets Emotional.

Imagine going to the pet store and finding a puppy that you love only to find out that it was sold to somebody else. This is what happened to this grandfather but he was in for the surprise of his life on his birthday.

That same puppy that he wanted to have was actually bought by his family and he had tears of joy once he laid eyes on it. I got emotional just watching it, such a sweet gesture by his family.

Watch this adorable moment when a grandpa gets a puppy for his birthday!


He must have had the best birthday ever and I’m so happy he got the present he wanted. Best family ever! Please share the heartwarming moment when a grandpa gets a puppy for his birthday with your friends and family.

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