17 Animals That Prove They Can Take Selfies Like the Best of Them

Long believed to be relegated to only people with narcissistic tendencies, selfies are now mainstream. Everybody is doing it and even animals are now getting into the animal selfies game.

These animals prove that they can selfie just as good or if not better than their human counterparts.

1) “Look into my eyes…”

2) The perfect Artic selfie.

3) It almost appears to be smiling for the shot.

4) “Are you talkin’ to me?”

5) Ocean selfie.

6) “G’day mate!”

7) Elephants love selfies too!

8) Just hangin’ out.

9) “A little more to the right…”

10) Striking the pose.

11) Sloths rule.

12) Bunnies are so silly.

13) “I’m too tired.”

14) Showing off his winning smile.

15) A couple selfie, so cute.

16) “Gimme a jelly donut and a bottle of anything…To go!”

17) “This shot overlooking Machu Picchu is gonna be epic.”

Animals just love being in pictures, don’t they? They just love the camera and have been known to photobomb a few shots themselves.

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