These Daughters Want to Grow up to Be like Their Mothers. They Have the Best Role Models.

We’re all familiar with the expression “Daddy’s little girl” and while daughters love their daddies, they look up to their mother for guidance and friendship. Mothers and daughters have a special bond and their daughter is an extension of themselves. Like mother, like daughter!

These 20 photographs celebrate mothers and daughters and highlight how much they aspire to be like their mothers. I hope you enjoy these mother and daughter pictures and think they’ll bring a smile to your day.

1) Mother and daughter pictures. It’s selfie time!

20 Mother and Daughter Pictures - It's selfie time!

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2) Sharing a funny moment.

3) Just 5 more minutes…

4) Enjoying the game.

 5) Mother-daughter yoga.

6) Mother and daughter yoga on the train!

7) Being silly with mommy.

8) All about that sass!

9) Sharing a laugh with mom is the best.

10) Water Babies

11) Relaxing with mom.

20 Mother and Daughter Pictures - Relaxing with mom.

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12) Special moments in the garden.

13) Playing peek-a-boo!

14) Mother and daughter workout.

15) Playing dress up with mom.

20 Mother and Daughter Pictures - Playing dress up with mom.

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16) Spending a day on the beach with mommy.

17) Nothing better than being silly with mom.

18) Moms are the best.

20 Mother and Daughter Pictures - Moms are the best.

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19) Comparing tummies with mom.

20 Mother and Daughter Pictures - Comparing tummies with mom.

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20) Having fun being a girl with mom.

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These incredible images are inspiring and highlight the special bond between a mother and her daughter(s). These mother and daughter pictures prove that “like mother, like daughter.”

Please share these mother and daughter pictures with your friends and family. Also, tell your mother you love her every chance you get and give her hugs and kisses to say thanks for giving you life.

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