Hospitalized Owner Is Reunited with His Pit Bull and It’s Heartwarming

If you think dogs don’t care for their owners, think again. A man who jumped into a Louisiana river to save his pit bull named Karma came down with a serious infection after the pit bull rescue. Doctors recommended that the dog owner, Rick, seek immediate medical attention but he did not want to leave his dog.

He requested the help of the Villalobos Rescue Center and they agreed to take care of the dog while he underwent treatment for his infection. A couple of weeks passed and the rescue center didn’t have his contact information but knew that he would be back for his pit bull.

As expected, Rick came back for Karma and their reunion is priceless. Karma was super excited and gave him the warmest and most caring welcoming ever.

Rick would not go into the ambulance until he knew his dog would be safe.

Villalobos Rescue Center agreed to take care of the dog during Rick’s medical treatment.

Karma looking on as his owner gets into the ambulance. Sweet pooch!

After a couple of weeks, Rick came back for Karma and was greeted with the best hug ever!

The bond between Rick and Karma is beautiful.

Karma is loving it and is super happy as you can tell.

Karma is truly man’s best friend. I think I need a tissue.

This story made my day and it is animal rescue centers like Villalobos that make it happen. If you’d like to contribute to Villalobos Rescue Center or leave a contribution for Rick and Karma, please visit their website.

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