These 24 People Think They Are So Funny…and They Are.

Throughout our lives, we meet people that like to question authority or find funny things in everyday situations or maybe you’re even that type of person.

If so, we applaud you and the following twenty-four people who wanted to make their mark and provide a bit of humor as well. They are definitely smartasses but sometimes that’s a good thing as it makes us laugh.

1) We won’t either.


2) A thief with a sense of humor.


3) This person definitely wanted the last word.


4) It’s funny because it’s true.


5) Good answer.


6) Funny way to highlight a typo.


7) Game, set, match.


8) Scientifically, they’re right.


9) The class clown.


10) I’m not sure what’s funnier. The sign message or the fact that it was installed over a door.


11) You should probably turn around and get it.


12) So that’s what that is!


13) I sure hope so.


14) Hilarious test answer.

15) Tutoring…Downtown Abbey style.


16) It’s worth a try…


17) That sounds about right.


18) Gawd, some people’s kids.


19) That’s what she said.


20) Indeed, so true.


21) Good luck getting that marker back.


22) Well, it does say to post no fliers.


23) Popular Bills.


24) Haunted house subtraction.

H/t: Huffington Post

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