An Officer Stopped These Drivers but They Didn’t Get a Ticket. They Got THIS Instead!

Lowell Police Give Christmas Presents During Traffic Stop.

Police officers in Lowell, Michigan normally do traffic stops to enforce the law; however, during the holidays, they did something else for some lucky people. Normally, being stopped by the police means you’ve broken some type of traffic law but in this case, these drivers received a Christmas gift they’ve always wanted.

During traffic stops, police officers would ask what they or their children wanted for Christmas. Just like Santa, the police officers would give them their gift shortly after. You’ll need to watch the video to see how they pulled it off! It is priceless and such a great gesture by the Lowell Police Department.

Watch this surprise traffic stop by Lowell Police…


The video was created by Rob Bliss Creative who also created the touching video of the homeless veteran who received a makeover. Please share this heartwarming video of officers giving presents with your friends and family. Also, be sure to visit the Lowell Police Department’s Facebook page and like them for the awesome gesture!

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