97-Year-Old Veteran Wanted to Accomplish One More Thing. Get His High School Diploma.

Sometimes we put things off because we think we’re too old or that a certain something is beyond our reach. Frederick Gray, a 97-year-old World War II veteran, knows that you’re NEVER too old to do something. Mr. Gray wanted to scratch off one more thing on his bucket list…get his high school diploma.

He was very close to graduating in 1934 but had to leave school at the age of 17 to go to work to help support his family during the Great Depression. He was then drafted in 1942 to fight with the 24th Infantry Division, one of the few Army units to fight across the Pacific where he earned a Bronze Star.

After helping his country, he went back to work at the company he left and worked up the ranks. He later retired as head of the company’s billing department.

After retirement, WWII veteran Frederick Gray felt the need to accomplish something he always wanted and worked hard to get his high school diploma from Watertown High School.

97-year-old WWII veteran Frederick Gray felt the need to accomplish something he always wanted and worked hard to get his high school diploma from Watertown High School.

He received his diploma in June of 2013 and said, “I’m amazed. I never in God’s world expected to be getting this. I’m just dumbfounded by the thoughtfulness.”

Sadly, Mr. Gray passed away nearly a year later on March 14, 2014; however, he lived a remarkable life and accomplished something he wanted to do for nearly eight decades. In addition to these 10 life lessons from a navy seal, getting an education is one thing everybody should strive for.

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