Hikers Risk Their Lives to Save a Lost Puppy From Being Swept in a Raging River

Two friends decided to go hiking on a trail by Marsh Creek State Park but I’m sure they didn’t expect to come back as heroes. As they were walking along the river, they noticed a dog in the distance.

As they walked closer, they noticed the puppy was stuck on a small islet and the hikers quickly took action to ensure the dog wouldn’t get swept up in the raging waters. The hikers walked through the water and carried the dog back to shore safe and sound.

Marsh Creek State Park Hikers Risk Their Lives to Save a Puppy from Drowning.

They looked at the dog’s collar and were pleased to find that there was identification so that they could contact the owner. Apparently, he loved jumping the fence but I’m sure his owner will install a taller fence after this incident!

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