Sleeping Dog Falls Off The Couch. What Happens Next Will Shock You!

Have you ever been so tired that falling out of bed would not wake you up? After a long day at daycare, one adorable but exhausted dog named Apollo decided to take a nap and fell into a deep sleep…and also off his couch!

Exhausted Dog Unfazed After Falling of the Couch While Sleeping.

In fact, Apollo the dog was sleeping so well that falling off the couch didn’t even wake him up! His owner couldn’t believe it and decided to check up on him and thankfully he was alright!

Watch a sleepy dog unfazed after falling off the couch…


Luckily that wasn’t a long fall and this adorable dog must have been so tired not to wake up after falling from the couch.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from “Sleepy dog unfazed after falling off couch” by Rumble Viral:

  1. “Now THAT is how owners are supposed to love their pets.” – Raven May
  2. “Thud. Oh, I’m not hurt, I’ll just stay here…wait!! Owner is concerned! Play hurt! * backrub* Now that’s the stuff!” – HandMade By Holly
  3. “Aww, loved the way the owner was so caring for his baby 😃” – Darylene Hinze-Lent
  4. “This is how I look when I get up in the morning.” – Susan M
  5. “This makes me love dogs more, as well as hate my apartment decor.” – trekker2366
  6. “Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “dropped off”.” – Kriss Pastern
  7. “What a spoiled baby(the way it should be)! Doggy daycare and then lovies w/ daddy!”
  8. “You are a good man, Your dog is luck.” – Evan Chang
  9. “I was wondering if he was gonna check on his dog. Glad to see he did.” – Saturn554
  10. “There is soooo much love in this video. ❤️” – h0n3j
  11. “I need to know what that awesome stool is that you sat on!  Love the dog too! Hilarious.” – Maria Rystro

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