Traffic in Vietnam Gives a Whole New Meaning to Rush Hour Traffic

Traffic in Vietnam Gives a Whole New Meaning to Rush Hour.

Asian countries fascinate me because of their culture that is rooted in history and family. One thing that fascinates me about Vietnam is the amount of traffic in some of its urban cities. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. It is a high-octane city full of life that heavily drives commerce and culture.

Rush hour traffic in Vietnam was filmed in 2010 by YouTuber cambridge at a KFC rooftop restaurant at the Nguyen Cahn Cha intersection in Ho Chi Minh City. There is a dizzying array of cars, motorcycles, mopeds, and pedestrians but even with all the traffic, everything flows smoothly and with incredible precision.

Watch what rush hour traffic in Vietnam looks like in the city of Ho Chi Minh…


I am just amazed by the activity in the streets of Ho Chi Minh city! I realize now that my local rush hour traffic is nothing compared to this! If you have time, take a look at these powerful photos taken around the world that will restore your faith in humanity.

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