A Disabled Boy Was Struggling to Finish the Race but Then a Wonderful Thing Happened

A Boy with Cerebral Palsy Was Struggling to Finish the Race.

Living with a disability is not easy and every day can be a challenge. Matt Woodrum, an 11-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy, didn’t want his disability to get in the way of reaching his goal to finish the 400-meter race at his school.

Matt begins the race and makes huge strides but as he progresses, he starts to struggle. His coach begins to encourage Matt by running next to him but what his classmates did next was the sweetest thing ever. Watch the support Matt is given to finish his goal, it’ll warm you heart.


It is incredibly inspiring to watch Matt’s determination and perseverance during the race. Please share this incredible runner with Cerebral Palsy with your friends and family.

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