When THIS Song Starts Playing, This Roofer Had to Drop His Hammer and Let the Music Move Him

Energetic Roofer Dancing (Bailando) to Latino Music.

Music is one of the oldest forms of expression and dates back to early humans. It’s embedded in our DNA and when we hear music, we sometimes have no control and simply have to move to the music.

Just like this woman dancing at an airport, the mood can strike you anywhere if you love a certain song. When a roofer named Andrew Wilcox hears Enrique Iglasias’ ‘Bailando’ playing on the radio, he just had to drop the hammer and start grooving.

A self-proclaimed Mexican at heart, he loves everything about Latin culture including the music and food. According to his YouTube channel, “…when the radio plays those Latino tunes, my hips start to sway.”

Bailando which is a Spanish word for ‘dancing’ is also one of Enrique Iglasias’ biggest hits. Released in 2014 as a single on his album ‘Sex and Love,’ it quickly became the 10th best-selling song of 2014 with over 8 million units sold worldwide.

Watch this energetic roofer dancing to Latino music playing on the radio…


Proving that dancing and music is infectious, you’ll notice his work partner also gets in on the fun. The key to loving your job is taking an opportunity to have fun at work and this roofer just made my day.

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