Doctors Said She Didn’t Have Cancer but She Listened to Her Dog Instead and It Saved Her Life

Dogs have long been recognized for their loyal and loving nature, often referred to as “man’s best friend.” In the case of Maureen Burns, her dog Max not only proved to be a faithful companion but also a life-saving best friend. Getting a cancer diagnosis can be traumatic but having the support of friends during cancer treatment can make a world of difference.

Further proof that dogs can smell cancer. Med tests were negative but her dog knew she had cancer.

Maureen noticed her dog Max was unusually sad; therefore, she prepared for the worst as he always was full of life and energy. She saw that every time he came close to her, he would sniff her chest and have a sad look in his eyes. This pattern continued as Max would walk away sadly and Maureen knew something was wrong with her, not her dog.

Although her CT scans and mammograms initially came back negative; Maureen wasn’t satisfied with the test results and wanted to get a surgical biopsy. Thanks to her observations about her dog’s behavior and her insistence on being adequately tested, doctors did find cancer but found it early. As with any cancer, early diagnosis increases the chances of survival. Maureen’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of listening to our instincts and advocating for our health, even when medical tests initially show no cause for concern.

Watch how dogs smell cancer…

Let’s hope that more research is done. While medical technology has advanced significantly in detecting cancer, there is still room for improvement. This is where the fascinating ability of dogs comes into play. Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell, capable of detecting subtle scents that humans cannot perceive. Research has shown promising results in training dogs to detect various types of cancer by sniffing samples, such as breath, urine, or even skin swabs. This innovative approach presents a potential alternative or complementary method to traditional diagnostic techniques, especially in situations where access to expensive medical equipment is limited.

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