Two Scared Dogs Are Trapped in a Canoe. Watch Who Comes to Their Rescue…I Couldn’t Believe It!

Brave Labrador Rescues Dogs Trapped in a Canoe on a River.

When two dogs jumped into a feather-light canoe on a gravel bar, it began to slowly drift into the river. Just like this lioness that jumped in to save her cub, a brave Labrador Retriever jumped into the river and began swimming towards the canoe.

Amazingly, one of the dogs takes a rope he finds in the canoe and places it on the outside of the canoe. This quick-thinking act helps the Labrador provide him with something to bite onto. Once the Labrador grabs the rope, he calmly swims towards shore and saves the day!

Watch this smart dog rescue dogs in a canoe!


Their owner could have lost his canoe along with two of his sweet dogs if it wasn’t for his brave Labrador jumping into the river. Please share this adorable Labrador Retriever who “retrieved” his best friends trapped in a canoe with your friends and family.

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