Try This Simple Test and There Is a 98% Chance You Will Be Shocked by the End Result

I love quizzes, but most are disappointing and you feel like you’ve wasted time. This small test is different and if you follow it carefully and take the time to answer each question, you may wonder, “how’d they do that?”

You don’t have to be a “mathlete” and the math problems are simple arithmetic but please take time to answer each one in your head or say it aloud.

Try This Simple Test That Will Blow Your Mind with Its Result. Hint: Red hammer.

Mind. Blown.

Try This Simple Test That Will Blow Your Mind with Its Result 02

If you don’t have images enabled, here’s a text version of it:

This test only takes a minute to complete.

Just follow the instructions as quickly as possible.

Do not do the next calculation before you have finished the previous one.

You do not need to write or remember the answers, just do it using your mind and don’t skip any.

Let’s start…How much is 15+6?







I know! Calculations are hard work, but it’s nearly over…

Come on, one more…You can do it!


Quick! Think about a tool and a color!

Scroll further to the bottom…

A bit more…

You have just thought about a red hammer, haven’t you???

If this is not the case, You are among 2% of people who have a “different” if not “abnormal” mind.

98% of the folks would answer a “red hammer” while doing this exercise.

Did you answer “red hammer” or something else? If you did, let us know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed the “Red hammer” quiz!

Math puzzles or quizzes can be intriguing for a variety of reasons. For one, they often require logical reasoning and critical thinking, which can be mentally stimulating and satisfying to solve. Additionally, the challenge of trying to solve a difficult problem can be rewarding and provide a sense of accomplishment. But in this case, the “red hammer” trick is somewhat mesmerizing because it boggles the mind knowing that most people choose a red hammer!

Please share this fun quiz with your friends and family and see what answers they get!

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