‘Dad Guy’ Billie Eilish Parody Celebrates Fatherhood in the Most Hilarious Way

'Dad Guy' Billie Eilish Parody Celebrates Fatherhood in the Most Hilarious Way.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you most like have heard of 16-year-old pop sensation Billie Eilish. Her pop hit ‘Bad Guy’ has been burning up the Hot 100 charts. It’s no secret that parodies are next and this ‘Bad Guy’ parody entitled ‘Dad Guy’ is priceless. Enter the dad bod…

Watch this hilarious parody of Billie Eilish’ pop hit “Bad Guy” entitled “Dad Guy”…


Here are some of our favorite comments regarding this ‘Bad Guy’ parody entitled ‘Dad Guy’:

  1. “Honestly this deserves to be seen by more people. This is hilarious and you’ve made my morning.” – Hell6hound
  2. “I showed this to my entire family my dad was hysterical.” – All That MTG
  3. “This is what youtube was made for. Nostalgia youtube 2006-2010” – Ali Chahin
  4. “That whispered ‘Dinner’s ready’ almost made me spit my coffee over my desk! Nice work sir!” – MrDoBerek
  5. “This is might be the type of dad Billie likes to seduce ????” – Banana Peel
  6. “Heard that Billie made a parody of this song.” – Qyana
  7. “Omfg my wife literally just sent me this and I’m over here cracking up while doing my Dad duties.. hahaha dooty.. haha crack.” – Chris
  8. “Showed this to my wife… She is now my husband” – Terry Price
  9. “Holy crap I did not expect the “dinners ready” part ???????????? had me in absolute TEARS!????????????” – Christopher Elizalde
  10. “Okay, but how did you get the lyrics so PERFECT? Honestly one of the best-written parodies I’ve ever heard.” – CarpeGuitarrem
  11. “Me before the video- Why is this on my recommended ? 30 seconds later- ‘Dinners ready !'” – n0 c0mment
  12. Cute baby and cute dad? Holy heck this video’s got it all!” – Just Amanda

I really think this dad as a hit on his hands! Please share this hilarious parody of Billie Eilish’ ‘Bad Guy’ with your friends and family.

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