Proud New Zealand Father Demonstrates 17 Cute Ways of Holding a Baby

Proud Father Demonstrates How To Hold a Baby 17 Different Ways.

Holding a newborn baby can be intimidating for many people including new parents because babies appear so fragile; however, babies are strong but still require gentle care. While holding them, it may be necessary to change your technique as you reach for something or need to pass the little bundle of joy to your partner.

YouTuber Jordan Watson, a proud father in New Zealand, demonstrates 17 cute ways of how to hold a baby and even includes an hilarious name for each position. While a few of these are humorous such as ‘The Show Off to the Other Dads Superman’, most people will recognize tried and true methods like the standard shoulder hold.

Learn how to hold a baby 17 different ways…


Holding a baby is all about being calm and confident and it only takes a bit of practice. An awesome professor, Dr. Sydney Engelberg even held a student’s baby during the entire class!

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